What are the best Perks for Employees


For any business running a perks system for employees, it’s important you know what perks work. For example, if you were to start running your business perks system from today, you would need to know what perks are actually good. For example, offering your assistant who is a mother of three kids the chance to get a holiday to one for London isn’t a great choice, is it?

Neither is offering your environmentally conscious IT manager, who cycles to work every day, rebates on his/her petrol. You should always look to come up with a clear set of perks for your employees that make sense. If you are unable to do so, then you should look to hire an expert in understanding employee benefits.

What, though, might be a good starting point if you wish to improve things?

Discounts on useful services

One of the best things that you could offer as a business would be discounts on key services. For example, let’s say that you run an IT office. Your staff are likely very committed and intelligent, but IT-driven people are often lacking on the fitness front. It’s just part of the job: you spend all day sedentary, so it’s likely your body will feel the brunt of that.

So why not offer all of your staff a subsidized gym membership scheme? Or come up with a discounted platform to help them pick up home fitness equipment through the work?

A good starting point is to help your staff save money on useful services which will improve their personal and professional lives.

Peace of mind

From an in-house daycare centre to help your staff work at 100% without fearing for their kids to a new private medical insurance system, you have many ways to deliver peace of mind to your staff. The best perks are often the ones which take the load off and just let your staff do what they do best.

If you have a highly stressful workplace, consider implementing more peace of mind focused perks.

Long-term security and loyalty

Every business wants to have people that stick around. From offering shares in the company to an awesome pension plan, you can make sure that you have all the help that you need to secure your long-term staff future. give them access to financially based perks which allows them to feel attached to the company and to help them feel like they get as much out of their job as they put in.

That last point is a key part of any perks system: the new perks need to feel like they actively reward your staff for delivering on what you need, when you need it. The perks of your company should be easy enough to identify, and they should go some way to helping improve overall comfort among your staff about how they relate to their job.

To build an office of people who are proud of what they do, then, consider implementing perks like the above. Need more inspiration? Then reach out to an expert in employee benefits.