Top 3 issues to watch out for when hiring wheelchair accessible apartments, hotels and more


There are many wheelchair accessible apartments, hotels and more that are widely available. But, how many are worth it? There are many disabled individuals who are quite skeptical while they proceed to make prior bookings of a wheelchair accessible hotel room as they are not sure whether the room they book will actually serve the purpose and special needs or not. The worries are completely logical because you might be confronted with a few unexpected challenges after you reach the hotel, in person. So, it is always better to have prior knowledge about the common issues that may crop up while your stay at an accessible hotel room.

Here are a few sudden challenges in wheelchair accessible apartments, hotels and more than you would want to be prepared for, in advance.

Furniture loaded room:

When you are booking a for a wheelchair accessible room, it goes without saying that you are expecting the room to be spacious enough for the person with a disability to move around with ease. So, likewise the hotels must also look into this detail and reserve fitting rooms’ for guests who need wheelchair accessible rooms.

You might just board the room and find it to be too small and to make things even more difficult, the room is crammed with too much furniture. Hotels should keep in mind that since it is a wheelchair accessible room, it evidently doesn’t require the extra chairs. You can surely ask the management to remove the excess furniture that obstructs your passage in the room. Please note, that you aren’t accountable for any extra charges for this.

The bed is too high:

This is a very common problem when it comes to accessible rooms. People often complain about this issue. There are many hotels that have accessible rooms available but, unfortunately, there are also many such that have beds that are really high off the ground. Some have seat elevator so they can overcome this issue easily. But, what about the ones who don’t have that facility in their wheelchair? Thus, it becomes highly inconvenient for the person with a disability to mount the bed without help. Not just that, getting out of the bed also comes across as a major trouble.

So, hotel authorities must take these complains and suggestions seriously and plan for remodelling the rooms likewise.

What if you see on arrival that your room hasn’t been booked?

When you are booking a wheelchair accessible room, don’t just depend on online reservation systems. Before you start off for the destination, make sure that you call up the hotel and confirm your booking if it is stilled piled up in waiting. However, even after all this, out of nowhere you might be surprised after reaching the hotel that your room has already been allotted to another guest.

In that case, you can ask the hotel to find you a wheelchair accessible accommodation in any of the nearby hotels, to meet your needs. Plus, you may also demand a compensation for the inconvenience caused.