Simplest Tips for Managing Your Google Reputation


Everybody today knows the importance of a good reputation on Google, especially for the businesses. It is needless to say that the Google reputation of your business can prove boon or bane for your business. Google knows every bit of information that is shared online via any medium and you cannot even make Google forget any information either. That means you cannot remove any unwanted information that can harm your business from the Google.

But, there’s a slight relief that now we have something called Reputation Management Google. That means you can manage your reputation on Google. The theory behind this reputation management trick is that no one goes past the first page of Google. So, if you are able to send the wanted information or talks about your business on say, third or fourth page of Google your reputation will be saved.

Here we are sharing the simplest tips on managing your reputation on Google.

Check Your Google Reputation Regularly – Before going for a remedial action you first need to know what exactly your reputation on Google is. The simplest way to check your Google reputation is to search your business’s name, your name and any keyword that people may enter for searching about your business. Check each link of the first two pages. If you find everything positive you need not worry as you already have a good reputation. If there’s something negative, you may need to hire professional help to get those links down in the search result.

Take charge to tell people about you yourself – If you don’t want your online reputation to get spoiled by information coming from unauthorized sources take the charge yourself. Make profiles and claim your business on all major listing sites so that you can decide what information about your business goes online. Make social media accounts on the name of your business before someone else does so for ruining your social identity. Whoever will like to know about you, will come searching the information on Google only.

Check online reviews weekly – When you list yourself on listing sites and create social media profiles you’ll get reviews from your customers. Make it a habit of checking the reviews weekly so that you get to know about any negative comments or a query as soon as they come. If you don’t get actively involved then you’ll earn the bad reputation of being reckless about your business and the customers.

Respond promptly to the comments especially the queries and the negative comments – Although it is important to respond to positive comments too it is imperative to deal with the negative comments first. By responding to the queries and making the unhappy customers happy you’ll earn a good reputation online.

Don’t take these as onetime tasks. You always need to keep an eye on your Google reputation and keep thriving for a good reputation. Even if you find a single negative link on the first page of Google search get it removed before it hampers your business’s reputation and indirectly your profitability.