Movavi Video Converter Compresses Videos with No Quality Loss


Video files are usually some of the largest. Are your video files eating up most of your storage? Well, first of all, you can delete the unwanted files to secure free space. But what if some of the video files are really crucial for you? They could be your favorite flicks or your business training video. Moreover, you would need to shrink the file size if you have to send a video through email. The most plausible solution here is to compress video with Movavi Video Converter. One of the most renowned software companies all around the world, Movavi has come up with a cutting edge video converter.

Lightning-fast compression

Movavi Video Converter assures super-paced conversion for video files which is way faster compared to regular video compressors/converters you see in the market today.

No loss of quality

A lot of people are apprehensive about video compression fearing loss of quality. But you don’t have to worry about such fears with Movavi Video Converter. The software program is backed by state of the art technology which assures no significant loss of quality with the compressed file. Put simply, as a Movavi user, you will enjoy your favorite flick with almost the same high quality on your mobile phone as with your laptop.

Compatible with many formats

Movavi Video Converter can compress almost formats of video. The software also works on audio, DVD and image files.

Editing facilities

The Movavi program also helps its users with easy editing capacity. Yes, if you want, you can delete some clips from the video to make it even shorter. Then, the converter enables you to adjust the sound and polish up the video quality further.

Tips for users on compression with Movavi

Download & install the converter

You will have to download & install the Movavi Video Converter in your computer. You will get installation guide.

Add video to be compressed

Go to “Add Media” & click on “Add Video”. You will find the option on top left side of program window. Pick the video to be compressed from “Open File”.

Specify preset

The next task is to choose your desired preset- required video format/ mobile device. The converter program also sports a search function that will enable you to find your desired device or format faster. Besides, you can plug in your smartphone to your PC & click on “cell phone” symbol.

Enter Compression Rate

Go to list of source file & click on file size. A dialog box will open up. Move “File Size” to select required size of output file as well as its bitrate. Click on “Apply”.

Start Compression

Click on folder symbol located at bottom part of program window. Pick your required destination where you will save the compressed file.  Press on “Convert” to commence compression.