Make money at home


Working from home is no longer merely an option for the privileged few, and more and more people are choosing to follow this career path. However, working from home is by no means the only way to make money from the comfort of your own four walls, and these insightful tips will give you some inspiration to generate some extra cash.

Clear your debts

It may sound a little strange as this is an article about making money, but until you clear your debts, no matter what you do to make money, you will always remain in debt. Ignoring debt leads to further problems, so tackle them head on and take the initiative to begin to clear them. Organize all paperwork and contact details of creditors and contact them to reach an agreement about how much they will accept each month. If you truly want to start making money, you need to eradicate debt. Clearing debts will also lead to your credit rating increasing. If bad credit is a problem which you are currently facing, consider researching no credit credit cards to find one which suits your needs and can help you get credit in the not too distant future.

Fill in surveys

Although this route won’t make you a millionaire, being paid to complete surveys is an easy way to earn a little extra cash. The premise is simple, you complete surveys and companies will pay you for doing so. It may mean completing a lot of surveys to be paid a decent amount of money, but once you get the hang of it and get into a rhythm, you will find it a simple task to undertake. As is usually the way with these types of working from home jobs, once you become known to companies as a reliable survey-filler, they will throw plenty of work your way!

Sell your stuff

You know that saying, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, it turns out it is true! You could be sitting on hundreds of dollars’ worth of goods and not even realized it. Take each room at a time and assess whether anything in it is no longer used or is no longer to your taste. Take photographs of each item and list it on an online selling site, preferably one that doesn’t charge commission. Be honest and open about any wear and tear on items as you will want to become a genuine, authentic seller on these sites, so your customers, new and old, will trust you to deliver the goods you promise. You may be surprised by what you can sell, and you can even sell CDs and DVDs via specific companies that will even pay for postage and packaging of your goods. If you are a student, you will definitely want to consider selling on your textbooks, because, as you know, college literature can be expensive and if you bought your books new, you can be sure that other students will be keen to purchase them at a discounted price.

Become famous

Well, in your own neighborhood at least! Magazines and newspapers sometimes offer a lot of money to feature your story in their publication. You have probably encountered these kinds of magazines that feature stories about long-lost siblings, love affairs gone wrong, and all manner of real-life tales. If you have a story that you think would interest a magazine, contact them and run it past them. You could earn a few hundred dollars simply for telling your story to a journalist and allowing them to feature your photographs in their publication. If you don’t want to go the whole hog and reveal details of your personal life in a magazine, you could earn a little money simply by submitting a joke, an anecdote, or even an amusing photograph to a magazine.

Rent out your home to the movies

If you have a particularly attractive home, or even if yours is quite a normal looking property, you could earn cash by renting it out to be used in movies or television programs. There are agencies which do all the work for you, with you signing up for their services, and the agency taking a commission fee. Film crews are interested not only in the interior of your home but also the exterior, with parking available for cast and crew and large areas of private land attached to the house being beneficial. If you are barely at home or you don’t mind making yourself scarce for potentially long periods of time, you could make a lot of money having your home featured on the big screen.

Take in a lodger

If that spare room has seen more dust than visitors, you could put it to good use and earn some cash by taking in a lodger. If you own your own home, you could earn hundreds of dollars per month by allowing someone to rent a room in your house. Be careful to do your research and follow up on references before committing to a lodger. You may also want to take a deposit so that if any damage is caused you are covered. Seek legal advice regarding rental contracts so that both you and your lodge are covered for any relevant eventuality such as notice of leaving and contribution to bills.

Become a comper

A person who regularly enters competitions is known as a comper. People truly do win the competitions you see online, in magazines and on television, and if it is free to enter, you should consider putting time aside to enter these competitions. Cash prizes are the most obvious ones to aim for, but you can also earn money by winning items and selling them on. You will need to check you can legally do this, and concert tickets are generally a no-go for selling on, but other things such as cars, luxury products and gift cards are generally safe to sell on. It can take a lot of time and dedication to pursue the life of a comper, but the rewards can be immense. Save time searching for competitions by signing up to free forums where fellow compers share links to competitions.