Living Life On Your Own Terms Demands A Check On Emotions


Despite your very pragmatic and realistic attitude towards life, you become emotional from time to time. Having said that, we mean, emotions in human are natural that essentially expose the softer side of one’s character in the eyes of others. But, do you know your emotions can be a cause of concern or danger too, especially when you are dealing with some sensitive issues such as the security of your country? Does this sound sporadic? Well, there are everyday instances as well when emotions can go wrong. For instance, your habit of pampering (an emotion that is often wrongly viewed as affection) can spoil your kids.

All those put together magnifies the importance of emotional intelligence in your life. Well, you should know that this intelligence is essentially an individual’s ability to recognise emotions from time to time befitting an occasion. In other words, it is actually one’s power to judge his behaviour to a situation. Therefore, a strong command over your emotions effectively leads you to a more meaningful as well as successful life, to say the least here. If you aren’t still convinced about the impact of emotions in one’s life, here is a list of things that you should consider in the first place.

  • Becoming wise: With your ability to recognise emotions on time, you tend to become calm and composed. However, it takes a lot of practice to improve your emotional intelligence. But, nothing comes truly free in life. For instance, you learnt walking after many falls but you didn’t give up. That’s what is needed here with a view to improving your personal and social skills. The best part of an improvement here is that with a calm mind, you will be able to see many facets of a thing or an incident that others will invariably miss at the fit of a rage. In the process, your ability to make decisions with precision will touch an all-time new height and believe it or not, it doesn’t go without rewards for sure both in your personal and professional life.
  • Productivity enhancement: When you know what’s best for you, you can achieve more with a little effort. For instance, Sir Isaac Newton made many discoveries in his lifetime. With his ability to stay cool even when his dog Diamond mistakenly burnt his many years of research papers, Newton was still able to reconstruct the entire discoveries once again.
  • Improved living: With a controlled emotion, you are certainly going to enjoy your work and lead a very successful life.
  • Personal branding: It is the best way of showcasing one’s strong character thereby upholding one’s personal branding.

Likewise, you will find many advantages of your emotional intelligence at the workplace and back at home. In fact, the higher is your intelligence here, the better you are as a person in your personal, social, and working life. Hence, work on this particular aspect of your life and live life’s full circle in the proximity, affection, and respect of your peers, colleagues, family, and friends. However, to put things in the right perspective here, you must know that it isn’t easy either.