Increase conversions on your website with these techniques


Any business understands the importance of getting sales through the website. You website is essentially your digital shop front and if it isn’t optimised to get people to purchase, you will see a diminished sales return. There are lots of ways that you can improve your site however and knowing what the best changes are to make can be confusing. That’s why in this article we are going to discuss 6 different methods on increasing your onsite conversion rates, making it easy for you to decide what changes you want to make.

Reduce the amount of products on your site

Although people think that they want a lot of choice, when it actually comes down to it you will only have a few actual sellers on your site. This is why reducing the amount of products works as it only shows the client the products that actually sell. Not only that but if the client goes onto your website and is greeted by masses of different items they may be overwhelmed with choice, not know what the best option is and not go with any of them. Reducing the product range will help stop this.

Instil urgency with text

Lots of websites do this to get people to make “snap decisions” and choices they wouldn’t otherwise. When you put a time limit on a product or on an offer the customer may disregard any other thoughts and will only think about getting their hands on the item while it or the offer is available. For example, saying “while stocks last” will make them purchase now to get the item before it is discontinued. If you write, order before a certain date and get a discount, they will order as soon as possible to get the offer.

Offer a bonus item for free alongside an item

People love the word free and will make purchases based off whether they get something with it for no extra cost. Something that is very popular is a piece of promotional merchandise like a printed mug that people will genuinely want to have. When a customer sees that they will receive a mug for free when they order your product they will be more likely to order as their value for money has increased. Plus them being printed with your logo means that they will be reminded of your brand whenever they use the mugs in the future. Learn more about and get your own Printed Mugs here…

Make checkout quick and easy

If ordering a product is simple and easy, they are more likely to purchase the item and not drop off half way through. Getting caught up in the purchase process, they may get annoyed with the website and will have more of a chance to think about whether they need the item. The more annoyed they get the less likely they are to purchase as they will see the process as not worth the item.

Beautiful images to sell the item

Products can sometimes be hard to grasp when they are being sold online as you can’t hold it in your hands and see what it is like. Descriptions only go so far in describing the item as they rely on the reader’s imagination. That is where product images come into play as they are the best way for them to understand the product as its shows in lots of detail what the product is like. This is why you need to make sure that your images are high quality and “descriptive” of the products quality, colours and materials. Images have more of an impact on the buyer than text would ever have to ensure that they are to the highest quality possible.

Optimise follow up

Although you may have done all of the things above, it doesn’t always mean that they are going to purchase. It will increase the possibility but it doesn’t make it for certain. This is where following up on their interest come into play. This can be done through email as the personalisation that is available is great. You can send emails back to them about their recent interest in certain products to hopefully get them to go all the way and purchase that product. Alternatively you can suggest other items that may be of interest as that products they looked at may not be the thing they want. Doing something like this can be very effective as it regains interest and can really boost your conversions.