Incorporating in Singapore – Be Part of a Global Economic Hub

Global Economic Hub

A lifestyle and business haven, Singapore is powered by effective governance and an undying focus on the best business practices. The country boasts of the most business-friendly policies, be it hassle-free incorporation or low taxes. So if you are thinking of leveraging this charismatic hub of trade to help your business grow, you are already on the right track.

Singapore – Fertile Business Ground

So what exactly makes Singapore so business-friendly?  The country has some of the best incentives for new start-ups, with dedicated government agencies providing guidance and funding support. Schemes like iSPRINT and iSTART can help new start-up raise crucial capital. Singapore also has very low tax slabs for businesses. Singapore is also known for its very strong intellectual property protection laws. Singapore has a stable government and immigration laws are flexible, keeping in mind the needs of the modern businessperson.

From an infrastructure point-of-view, Singapore beats the rest. It is well-connected to all major economic hubs in the world and the city is a confluence of many cultures and industries.

Singapore and its Powerful Neighbours

Singapore’s favourable location makes it a base for two of the largest economies in the world – India and China. In 2016, China accounted for more than 10 percent of Singapore’s total trade and this relationship is strengthening further. These two behemoths may be economic giants but business governance in the respective countries is not as developed as Singapore. This is the main reason why Singapore is home to headquarters and offices of many Indian and Chinese market focused companies. If you have clients in China or India, Singapore provides the most convenient geographic location. These are just some of the many reasons Singapore has a space in the upper echelons of global trade and finance. Innovation-focused business laws and transparent governance add to the ease of doing business in Singapore. In fact, getting a company established in Singapore merely takes days.

Getting Started – Incorporation

The best way to complete your incorporation phase is by enlisting the help of a professional service or business registration company. These firms are experts in understanding the economic landscape and governance procedures of Singapore and will assist you step-by-step ensuring that there are no errors in your submissions. Foreign and local business owners and representatives will have distinctive sets of prerequisites to get started. Some of the important services in company incorporation include finding resident company directors, applying for employment and entry passes, setting up offices and choosing different entities to register as. Some of the options include a limited liability partnership (LLP), a private limited company and as a sole proprietorship (option for Singapore residents).

The best incorporation companies like provide deep insights on the many positives and challenges of working and living in Singapore. They will help you quickly obtain the necessary visa and permits for your company’s legal representatives. From the planning stage to business development, the incorporation company will help your project meet international standards.

Singapore is an avenue to larger markets and a host of other benefits. Make the decision of incorporating your company in this potential-filled business landscape and become part of a continuing success story.