How to turn your car into a mobile office?


If you run your own business but find yourself spending vast amounts of time driving from one meeting to another or visiting clients, it’s easy to believe that this time is mostly wasted. However, taking advantage of the very latest technology means you can often be almost as efficient in your car as you are in the office, and all without posing a danger to yourself, pedestrians or other drivers. Read on to learn more.

The right laptop

If you’ve ever tried to get a little work done in a parking lot in between meetings, you’ll know only too well how awkward it is trying to use even the smallest laptop while sitting in the driver’s seat. The usual alternative is to move to the passenger seat or even into the back, but this isn’t always convenient. One great alternative is to invest in a laptop desk that clips onto your steering wheel and provides a stable platform on which you can type.

Although such a desk is a great solution, it still has limitations. If your existing laptop is on the large side, it might be worth investing in a smaller, more compact model that you can use in such situations. While many people use their smartphones to read and reply to email, you are likely to be far more efficient if you are able to use a larger screen and a full keyboard.

A portable printer

Although an increasing number of offices are trying to reduce their paper consumption and the last thing you want is for your car to begin contributing more, there are many times when having a printer available in your vehicle can be a life saver. If you are making presentations and people request handouts or copies of slides, you’re able to provide them there and then.

Upgrade your vehicle

If your current vehicle is holding you back and limiting your productivity, it may be worth investing in a new one that allows you to work more easily. If you’re in the market for a new vehicle, keep in mind how it well it will be able to function as a mobile office. If, for example, you see an ideal Mini Cooper for sale and the vehicle fulfils all the criteria that you require, you can start to consider how to optimize the vehicle for your working life.  

Staying Online

If you are a smartphone user, it may be possible that you plan already increase the ability to use your phone as a personal hotspot and keep all your devices connected while you are on the move. If this is not the case or you would simply rather have a separate, stand-alone system, there are a number available, usually costing around $30 per month for 3GB of data.

Be sure to check the signal strength – you may need to adjust the antenna on your car for the best possible performance. This will ensure you have a seamless data connection wherever you are and can also improve the quality of any voice calls you make, reducing the chance of a connection suddenly cutting out.