Hosted Phone System: The Ultimate in Communication Flexibility


Understanding how a hosted phone service can benefit your business requires a basic knowledge of how this thing called “the cloud” works in the world of communication. You can remove some of the mystery about the cloud by just narrowing it down to a service provided using the Internet. You can have reliable phone service handled through a secure, central location rather than having the hardware and service at your site. That’s about as basic a definition as you’ll find.

People all over the planet now rely on cloud technology, a fact that has significantly altered the way that communication and information technology (IT) works. Your business can now have access to a strong IT network without the up-front investment that is beyond the reach of many companies. Small companies can now benefit from the same technology once reserved for massive organisations because only those large corporations had the financial capability.

Flexibility Is Key

When you need quality, dependable voice services, delivering over the Internet gives you flexibility beyond compare. You can have extensions distributed across various sites as well as provide connectivity for home workers and remote workers using mobile devices or laptops. In basic terms, your users are not “desk bound”. They can work in almost any setting and be fully supported. You’ll have fully hosted phone systems for business with no up-front investment, free internal calls, and lower overall phone bills.

In addition, you benefit from having to invest in handsets only with no major hardware investment. You get line-rental reduction benefits, you can add users as needed, and everyone will be able to pick up calls with multiple devices. It’s a great solution for remote working, allowing you to integrate fixed and mobile voice capabilities.

If you’re concerned about security and “down time”, you should also understand that this service includes built-in disaster recovery, web portal access, call recording, HD voice quality, and 24/7 system monitoring. You can see why a hosted telephone system is becoming the preferred choice for business communication. Your business doesn’t have to invest in an office-based system. Just arrange to start using a secure, HD-quality voice solution.

Features with Lower Cost

If your company is at the point of upgrading or changing its phone system, this is a perfect time to learn more about the outstanding features of a hosted system, all of which come with lower cost. This telephony solution can connect you to any Internet access point regardless of preferred device or location. Administration is convenient and easy with the web-based portal. The system can be configured to your organisation’s requirements while you have consistent access to call history, recorded calls, and voicemail.

At your office, you have a managed router, cables, and a choice of HD-quality handsets. Your regular phone bill expenses can be reduced with internal site-to-site calls free of charge. You also save thousands because you don’t have to invest in and install PBX hardware. When you’re looking for phone system flexibility and reliability, a hosted system can be the perfect solution.