Does You Building Need an Updated Fire Alarm


If you feel your current fire alarm system is outdated or needs to be upgraded to a safer system, you need to review your company’s fire protection goals. Therefore, a site analysis should be made, one that covers the following areas:

  • Occupant safety
  • Property protection
  • Environmental protection

Updating Your Fire Alarm

Having a goal for the safety of others means that you want to provide building occupants with sufficient warning. This warning is necessary if you want to ensure a successful escape during a fire incident. Therefore, meeting this objective entails total detection coverage. Not only should smoke detectors be located in all the rooms, a warning system and suppression system should be established as well.

Better Detection

Property protection is advocated to restrict the damage to a facility or to meet certain insurance requirements. To meet this objective, the best electrical services in Huddersfield are employed to detect a fire’s size and warn building occupants sooner.

For instance, if you wish to detect a fire sooner, the fire alarm system will need to be designed as follows:

  • It should offer more detection than what is considered adequate.
  • The fire detection should take place before the sprinkler system activates.

Environmental Safeguards

You also need to consider, as noted, the impact a fire could have on the environment. For example, you want to make sure a fire is detected at a chemical site before the chemicals can harm outsiders. Asking for help from the fire department whilst the fire is still small will reduce the amount of water that is applied. The reduced amount of water means less contaminants will affect the outside atmosphere.