Does a Church Controlled Organization Need a Tax ID?


Any religious organization or church-associated non profit needs to have a federal tax ID number. The IRS-EIN-Tax-ID is separate from tax-exempt status, which many church organizations also secure during the initial startup phase. In order to get tax-exempt status, your religious organization must have a federal tax ID number and meet the IRS requirements for churches and affiliated groups.

Start With a Tax ID

Securing a tax ID number is relatively straightforward with IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service. Groups can apply for EIN online by answering a few questions about the organization and providing specific details. The IRS requires most corporate entities and non profits to have a federal EIN number. Religious organizations and churches must use this number to file taxes, make financial transactions, hire employees and start the tax-exempt filing process.

Find Out About Tax-Exempt Status

Once your organization has filled out your SS4 online and received your tax ID number, the next step is to get your tax-exempt status set. Churches are typically exempt from paying income tax. A tax-exempt status also allows a religious organization to receive donations and contributions from groups or individuals that are tax-deductible. Donors will need the proper documentation so they can make adjustments on their own annual tax forms. Each religious group or church seeking tax-exempt status needs to start with IRS form 1023. As long as your organization meets the IRS requirements for a church or religious group and your finances are in line with the regulations, your organization should be able to be designated as tax-exempt.

Make sure your church group or religious organization gets off on the right foot to provide services for those in need and within your community. Let IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Service help you get started on the tax ID filing process by going here. After you get a federal tax ID number, your organization can get closer to tax-exempt status and your vision for success.