Digital Video Production – It Pays to Hire the Best


Video is without doubt the most powerful of all advertising tools, and with a professional digital video agency, your options will be many. The impact one can expect from a short promotional video really is determined by the people who produce it, and it could be the difference between success and failure, so whatever the product or service you are promoting, professional editing will ensure the very best results.

Understanding the Client’s Concept

Usually, when a client approaches a digital video production company, they already have a concept in mind, and even then, the experts might be able to suggest something the client had not thought about, and is an improvement on the original idea. On the other hand, the client may not have got as far as thinking at all about how the video will look, and the experts can help with storyboard ideas.

The Storyboard

Whatever the length or scope of the video, there will be a storyboard created, which uses still images to portray the timeline of the video, and this is where the hard work begins. Creating a concept that will achieve the client’s objectives and create the right emotions within the viewer is something that a good video production team would hold close to their hearts, and once you have an exciting storyline, the separate scenes would then be planned out. If, for example, a person wants the best video production in Dubai, there are world class agencies that can create the perfect video for your needs.

Shooting the Raw Footage

Digital technology has eliminated the need for expensive celluloid film, and a top video production would take as much raw footage as they could, using many innovative angles, and this gives you much more scope when it comes to the actual editing. The finished film might be a little different from what you originally had in mind, but with great creative minds in your corner, any improvement would be welcome.

Video Editing and Finishing

Digital video production uses layer based technology, and you can achieve a very professional level, with subtle transitions, rolling credits, and as many audio tracks as is necessary. Of course, at this stage, the client would be very much involved, and with a firm briefing, the production team would be ready to put together the perfect short film that achieves all the desired objectives, plus a few more. The agency would have a team of top digital video editors who are fully converse with the best editing software, and with the many tools at their disposal, quality is assured.

Special Effects

Digital video editing really opens the door to some amazing effects, and the production team would be happy to show their clients some examples of what can be done with subtle filters and other means. Once the client had made up their mind regarding any special effects, they can be carefully added to the timeline and the finished film can be exported in just about any format you desire. You might require some background music, or some aerial shots of a particular setting, and an established video production company would have access to a wide range of audio and visual tracks that can be purchased solely for use in your project. One must be very careful about using other people’s material, and there are websites that are dedicated to providing essential sound and video clips for the production industry. Intellectual property rights prevent any unauthorised broadcasting, so it is always a good idea to pay for the use of any extra media you wish to include, which would avoid any litigation by the material’s owner.

Range of Formats

Some companies might want the video on their website, and with high resolution streaming playback and perfect sound quality, the media will present your product in a stylish and elegant manner. Alternately, you might want the film written to DVD, with a specially printed cover and sleeve, which is ideal as a hand-out at exhibitions and seminars. Whatever the required format, the production team can comply, and by working to the client’s budget and deadline, your launch will not be delayed. The video could also be included in your company’s mobile app, which delivers rich content to all of your customer’s smartphone screens, and you can select any number of formats, which might include M-PEG, AVI, or MP4, which are all ideal in their own right, and by producing the film in several formats, you can reach a larger number of people, using a range of marketing avenues.

An Impressive List of Clients       

Any established video production company would have an impressive list of clients, which is a good benchmark for any potential customer, and by working with a range of industries, they would have the relative experience to create the perfect video, which will be a powerful marketing tool for your business. Of course, this type of company would have a strong online presence, and with many fine video samples that demonstrate their skills, the potential customer can get a clear idea of what can be achieved.

Delivering to Deadline and Budget

A product or company launch is a highly co-ordinated affair, and with live events planned, the promotional video would have to be ready on time, and a good video production company would pride themselves in their ability to deliver quality packages, on time and to budget. From original conception to the finished video, the production team would work with the client throughout, ensuring that their vision is a part of the finished product, and by keeping the client involved at very stage, flexibility allows for changes to be made at any time. Reasonable pricing is expected, and the client’s budget would at the forefront of the production team’s mind, and with some careful costing and clever use of special effects, the budget should remain unchanged.

Making a professional video should be left to the experts, and with digital solutions, there is no limit to what you can achieve.