Designing Your Own Funeral Order Of Service


Organising a funeral is an emotional time. There are so many things to remember, such as ordering flowers, placing a notice, following up legalities and organising a service. The one thing that many people don’t put much thought into is the order of service, and this is one of the most monumental pieces of memorabilia that a funeral should have.

Funeral stationery, particularly the funeral order of service, is an emotional offering that guests can take away from the funeral and keep forever. Funeral Booklets provide the deceased’s details and can be custom made and tailored to be as personal and emotive as the designer wishes.

The best way to honor the deceased is to make your own Funeral Templates, but many people don’t know where to start. The below simple steps form the basic layout of a funeral order of service.

Page 1/Cover

This page is often an image of the deceased with basic details. The purpose is to inform recipients about the deceased, without providing too much information. Many funeral order of services just contain an image, name and dates.

Page 2

This will contain the service information and order of proceedings.                                             

Page 3

This page is often for further details, including wake information and thank you    messages.

Page 4

This page can be customised as much as one pleases. It can hold a tribute, images, poems or even just remain blank.

A funeral order of service is best received when it is custom made. There is no limit to how many pages it must contain and often people extend the page count to include a tribute to the deceased’s life.

Tribute pages can have graphics, a timeline of the life or even personalised messages within. The best order of service booklets at funerals don’t actually contain the word ‘funeral’ in them. They are clean cut, concise and contain clear imagery and photos. Colors within funeral order of service booklets provoke a sense of emotion. Whether it be calming, or inspiring a sense of life celebration, bold colors are often a great addition.

“Farewell Services” provide an empathetic, understanding service when it comes to funerals. Our website,, provides a large array of easy to use, templates for custom made Funeral Order of Services, ensuring that the organiser has one less thing to worry about. Get in touch with us today to find out more. Call me 1800 080 700.