Controlling Access to Your Commercial Property


As a commercial property owner, you have the right to determine who can come onto and exit from your parking lot or garage.  You are responsible for keeping the premises safe for everyone who uses it for personal or business needs as well as the people who work on it.

Because you cannot be there every second throughout the day to check each car or pedestrian who requests access to it, you may need to rely on modern technology to act in your stead.  You can secure the area and restrict the flow of traffic coming in and leaving by investing in security monitors, a robotic parking gate, parking bumpers, fencing, and other fixtures today.

Serving Temporary and Established Parking Customers

While you want to keep the premises safe and control who comes and goes from the parking area, you also do not want to jeopardize the business you have with both temporary and established customers.  You rely on them to pay for their parking privileges and thus bolster your company’s bottom line.

As much as you value your relationship with them, you also do not want to risk letting in the wrong people or allow people to misuse their privileges.  You can monitor who should be allowed access and how much they should pay for the time that they were parked with gates at the entrance and exit of the parking structure.

The gate at the entrance can administer a permit for a single day or temporary visitor, for example.  If those customers only plan to park there for a few hours that day, the gate can emit a ticket that denotes that short term visit.

They can pay for the ticket at that gate if you set up the system in that manner.  You can also have them pay for their parking as they leave the area at the exit gate.

People who park there everyday may not want to have to pay for their visits on a daily basis.  They may benefit from tickets that are specially issued to them that allow them to park for extended periods of time.

These tickets could be issued to them at the first of the month, for example, or issued through their employers.  Your gate can scan the tickets and determine that the car is allowed onto the property.

Both the entrance and exit gates can be equipped with arms that raise and lower to permit the flow of traffic.  If the ticket does not scan or is not issued, the arm will not be raised to allow in the car.

This technology saves you and your employees the time and hassle of having to monitor every single car that comes and goes from the parking garage.  You can focus your time on running your business, and your employees can focus on keeping the parking area clean or patrolling for other threats like loitering.

You may be familiar with these gates after having seen them at other locations.  Still, you might be curious about how the newest models differ from those used in other businesses.

You can go online to the company’s website and request a demo.  The demo link is in the top right side and gives you a sneak peek into the technology that could make your parking area safer and more accessible at the same time.

You also may be interested in some of the other technology available from the company.  For example, metered parking can be another way to add to your profits while proving viable places for people to park.  You can discover more about metered parking models and how they can be implemented into your commercial property today by visiting the website.

If you have any doubts about the usefulness of the gates, metered parking, or other options available to you, you can read the customer testimonials online.  Their success stories may convince you to give the gates a try and find out how well they can work for you and your company.

Parking spaces are valuable commodities for parking garage owners like you. You can maximize your profits and keep the premises safe, accessible, and easily controlled by using technology like robotic gates and meters.