Best Dog Kennel Flooring

Kennel Flooring

The importance of using the right flooring materials for a kennel should never be underestimated since it affects the health and comfort of the animals that are cared for in the facility.

Unfortunately, many dog training and shelter facilities lack appropriate flooring for dogs, and this issue quickly becomes obvious when hygiene and aesthetics become a concern. For this reason, it is important to understand these factors that all influence the best type of flooring to fit your kennel needs.

Focus on Sanitation

One of the biggest mistakes people make when choosing flooring for a kennel is thinking solely about attractiveness. For example, a veterinarian clinic may think that heavy-duty carpet will be more inviting to patrons. However, dog owners are well aware of the importance of hygiene, and they actually look for floor surfaces that are pet-friendly.

In fact, few things are more embarrassing for a pet owner than having to apologize for a doggie accident on someone’s carpet. For this reason, even the entrance to a kennel should be covered in hygienic flooring that is impervious to both liquid and solid waste.

Consider Durability

Those adorable puppy paws come equipped with claws that can rip through vinyl flooring. It is also important to keep in mind that pet equipment such as toys, crates and chains can all add up to heavy damage on a kennel floor over time.

Once there is a scratch or dent in the surface, you are then stuck with the perfect breeding ground for mold and bacteria that gets tracked onto the floor over time. This is why it is important to choose a solid floor that is durable enough to withstand heavy activity.

Think About Cleaning Needs

Kennels can get messy, but it is not always possible to do a full cleaning, stripping and waxing job like you might do on your kitchen floors. Still, dogs should always have a clean floor to eat, play and sleep on.

If you have sloping floors that go toward a drain, then make sure that the surface type you choose works with it so that the kennel area can be sprayed down as needed. It is also important to choose floors without seams such as grout that allow urine and other wastes to seep into the pores.

Add That Extra Something

You should know that choosing kennel flooring isn’t all about practicality. Fortunately, polymer flooring can also be customized to add features such as your company’s logo, branding images and colors so that your kennel still has aesthetic appeal. In fact, knowing that you have covered all of your bases will ensure that you love the look and cleanliness of your kennel floor for years.

Finding kennel flooring that meets industry standards for health and hygiene doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style. With polymer flooring, you can enjoy protection from scratches and indoor dog accidents while knowing that it is non-porous and sprays down clean.

While you will admire its practicality, you can also take comfort in knowing that it is durable yet soft on a puppy’s paws while adding that touch of wow factor that makes your kennel unique.