Be Financially Smart – Purchase Salvaged Cars from Sale


Purchasing a salvage titled car can save substantial amount of money. According to the recent automobile report, you can save up to 20 to 30 percent, if you give a little effort and time in rebuilding it properly.

Showcasing of new car models are mostly marketing gimmicks and people try to indulge in it, without keeping in mind the monetary value.

Benefits of buying a refurbished car:


You will get a huge number of salvaged cars for sale. While buying, you have to keep in mind about the affordability and the specifications of the vehicle. If you are a working student, you should mainly concentrate on the mileage the car. Salvaged car dealers are open to negotiations as they deal with damaged cars. This further increases your chance of striking a great car deal.

No monthly attached car note:

While buying old vehicles, most of the buyers pay in cash to the sellers. As a result, there are no additional finances attached .Owners of such cars doesn’t have to give monthly note and there are no on road charges as well.

Places to buy salvaged cars:

Insurance Companies

A huge amount of salvaged cars comes from the repossessed vehicle sector, from the insurance companies. However, these companies do not sell rebuilt cars directly to the buyers. Either they send them in car auctions, or hire broking services or sell it to local car junkyards. But still, you can approach an insurance company for buying it.

Every car has depreciation value so these financial institutions want to liquidate them as soon as possible. As soon as you approach them, they will update you with the models they have in their accounts. Compare, choose and buy.


Since the demand of these cars is high in the market, you will get a number of websites that specializes in selling salvage and rebuilt title cars. There are three types of services that you will get from these websites

  • Direct buying

Some websites have the salvaged car models in stock. You can directly buy from the list. No involvement of middlemen.

  • Access to auctions

These websites will load you the information of cars that are present in different trade fairs and auctions. You can filter it according to your location preferences as well.

  • All kinds of automobiles

There are few websites that will give national wide information about any type of cars. The list is huge and it includes bikes, motorcycles, vintage cars, damaged rally cars along with the salvaged vehicles. It is the platform of buyers and sellers. The website is not a seller but a buyer can contact the seller directly.


In the United States, several refurbished car auctions gets conducted almost every day. It is a licensed state act and is being generally conducted by the Insurance Auto Auction. You can visit the website of IAAI and find out the schedules of upcoming auctions.

Financing Options

Dealer financing options

Ask the dealer for finance. They can help you get few financing options. Many used car dealers have their in-house financing departments. However, even if they don’t have, they may still help you locate a lender willing to finance. They will obviously help you out because you are a potential buyer.

Private auto loan

You can always ask your friend or a family member for a loan. Friends and families are usually not very concerned with the value of the car. If they have trust in you, that you will repay the loan within the committed time, they will lend you the money. This is better than taking it from any second or third tier lending parties.

Second hand cars are usually bought by working students or middle class families. Everyone wants to travel in less time. Thus, depending on public transport is not a good idea. Having a car of your own gives reliability.