A Guide to Hassle Free Meter Installation


Moving house is always a challenging time, with so much to organise, and if you are going to need a new meter for gas, water, electric, or even telecom services, this is just one more item to arrange. Fortunately, things have become a lot easier in the past few years, with specialist companies who are dedicated to providing metered connections for domestic and commercial buildings.

Online Providers

Forget having to locate the offices and receiving a queue number, as everything can be arranged online these days, and the best way to start the process is with a Google search. One of the UK’s leading meter installation companies is Connections 2 Energy, and once you have located their website, it is easy to make an enquiry. They can handle anything from the smallest domestic connection to a large factory complex, and with nationwide coverage, your location can be serviced.

Comprehensive Service

Using such a service means you never have to make contact with the gas, water, or electric people, as they handle the entire process on the client’s behalf, and with so many things to arrange, this really is a one stop shop for all your utility connections. When you arrive on the big day, everything will be connected and working, even your IT needs can be connected in advance, making the relocation a lot less stressful.

Adequate Resources

An established provider would offer their services to industry, therefore they would have more than adequate resources for any domestic project, and if you are building your dream home, these are the people to contact when you are almost ready to move in, and with all your utility connections handled by the experts, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that it is all taken care of.


Having a private company handle your utility connections isn’t an expensive operation, and you no longer have to deal with multiple suppliers. Imagine having to liaise with the gas man, the electricity board, the local water authority, plus the telecom company! Modern utility connections can be handled by the experts, and with online solutions, you don’t need to waste any of your valuable time.

Professional Installations

Gas and electricity are obviously dangerous, and you don’t want any unqualified people connecting you up, which is why it makes sense to call in a company that handle all the utility connections, streamlining the normally lengthy process. This type of national provider would directly employ qualified technicians, so you have the comfort of knowing the connections are correctly made, and if you have a timeline to stick to, the company would ensure that your vital utilities are in place.

If you are relocating your business, the national provider is the ideal company to call in, and whatever your utility needs, they will ensure the relocation is co-ordinated, and can even deal with the cessations of utilities in the old premises. Whatever your utility needs, an online search is all it takes to sort things out, and then you can forget about your utilities and focus on other aspects of the relocation.