6 Methods to Get Word of Mouth Referrals For Your Business


There is one reason which impulses people to choose one product over the other and that is recommendations of people who are known to them. In other words, word of mouth is a powerful tool which makes people buy a product, even if it is just for the purpose of trying. There are no two thoughts about it that word of mouth is the most powerful tool of marketing. Most of the times it happens that new customers are acquired because someone close to them suggested them to try the product and they happen to like it. We as humans lay a lot of emphasis on the words and suggestions of other people especially the ones who are close to us. Word of mouth holds immense power when it comes to marketing a product but it cannot be purchased. There is only one way by which an organisation can ensure that its customers will spread a positive word of mouth and that is by delighting its customers as only the delighted customers will bother to share their experiences with their friends and family and the rest won’t even care.

With the introduction and the gaining popularity of social media word of mouth has become even more important. By utilizing social media, a delighted customer is able to spread that enchantment much farther than ever before. This enables customers in getting in touch with other customers and prospects. All you have to do is provide delightful services to your customers and they, in turn, will help you in promoting your product.

There are various ways with the help of which an organisation can create a delightful experience for its customers which in turn will lead to the spread of positive word of mouth.

Providing best product: It is of utmost importance for an organisation to realize that its product should live up to what the customer expects based on the ads, industry standards and sales pitch. It is imperative to understand here that a company should never commit a lot and then under deliver. This is a sure shot way of getting complaints by your customers loudly and publicly.

Reinforcing your brand: Another way of ensuring that your customers are getting serviced is by continuously being in touch with them. A successful way of doing this is through outbound call centre. By calling and contacting your customers on a regular basis you are able to build relationships with them. In addition to that, it facilitates your customers in remembering your brand and customers are able to recall and recognize your brand.

Being active on social media: By being active and available on social media, you ensure that you’re available to your customers at every given point of time, across various platforms. In addition to that, it helps your customers in knowing all the information which you send across their way. One should always understand and focus on those social media platforms only which will be able to reach out and impact maximum number of the target audience. In order to increase the visibility across social media platforms, a skillful outbound call centre can be established, which will facilitate in proactively contacting the customers and being in touch with them.

Publicize your publicity: You should always let the world know about your achievements. If a reporter happens to quote you, you win a prestigious award or you give an interview, you should always inform your target market about it.

Getting back in touch with your customers: If your customer happens to contact you and you aren’t able to attend to him/her, it doesn’t give a very nice impression. You should always hunt on to get back in touch with your customers, once they have contacted you, as soon as you possibly could. To accomplish this task a proficient outbound call centre proves out to be a blessing.

Make yourself easily accessible: Yet another thing which you can do to increase your customers’ satisfaction levels is by building such channels with the help of which your customer can reach out to you without much of a hustle. If everything is good but your customer isn’t able to get in touch with you then that is a huge sign of disregard towards customers.

Word of mouth holds immense power as a marketing tool and many businesses are realizing it. Companies are going an extra mile to provide such valuable services to their customers which forces them in talking good about the organisation. The supremacy of this marketing tool is immense, and thus, it can make or break any business.