4 Things To Keep In Mind When Starting A Real Estate Drone Service Business

Real Estate Drone

With the real estate sector looking for new ways to market itself, the demand for drone photos and videos are increasing at a fast pace. And if you are someone who already flies drones, either as a hobby or professionally, you can use this opportunity to set up a drone video service targeting real estate agents, marketers, and so on. In this post, we will look at the four important things you must keep in mind when starting such a business.

Know The Basics Of Real Estate

The first thing you should do is to educate yourself about the basics of the real estate market, especially information that deals with customer preferences and buying habits. Why? Because only when you know what the customers are looking for in a property can you shoot it in a more appealing way. As such, the drone videos you shoot will generate more customer engagement than any other service. Your clients will notice this and will also use you for their other real estate deals as well. So, learn as much as you can about buyer psychology, specifically when it comes to real estate. You can also check out AirVuz.com if you need some inspiration for drone videos.

Mind The Rules

Always adhere to the FAA rules and regulations on drone flying. Since you are shooting videos in residential areas, you will also need to take special permission from local authorities should you choose to shoot the locality as well. If you shoot without permission, there is a good chance that you might end up in legal trouble.


Remember to always get the drone insured. As far as possible, never use an uninsured drone for shooting real estate videos which focus on the locality in which the property is situated. Know that your drones can malfunction at any time, no matter how much of an expert you consider yourself to be. And if such a situation were to occur when you were shooting an aerial view of the nearby homes, then there is a good chance that the drone will fall from the sky and damage any of these homes. This will make you financially liable towards them, and you will have to cough up lots of money to wean yourself out from the situation. However, if you already have insurance of the drone, then the insurance will not only compensate you for the damages on the drone but also for the damages caused by the drone.


Make sure that you have excellent editing skills. Shooting drone videos alone will not create an impactful real estate video. For that you happen, you will have to edit all the clips captured through the drone into a seamless, punchy video. Even a shot that you considered to be average can be made awe-inspiring by skillful editing. Plus, also give importance to color grading the video. Real estate videos that have been color graded will get more attention than those that haven’t.