4 Free Webinar Tools for Business Webinars


The Internet has made our life so easy. It is now easy for us to communicate with the friends and family and even with the colleagues and customers. If we talk about the businesses, webinars have gained noticeable popularity. Webinars are conducted in the businesses for fulfilling many business tasks. For these seminars, the businessmen do not have to fly around the world and attend the events or meetings rather they can attend them by sitting in their offices and participate in the official events, seminars, or the important meetings.

This is the cheapest way for them to meet the people. This option is not only saving them money but also save their time. As we know that, time is what a businessman wants to have adequately managed. It is now easy for him to meet the people free of cost and save his time without even panicking about the delays in flights.

These people on their PC, Mac, Tablet, or Smartphones can download webinar software free of cost, and they just need a good network connection to get connected with the other people of the seminars and events. In this way, many business meetings and workshops have become easy to organize and manage.

Following are the five free webinar tools that can be used by the businesses for their web conferences and webinars.

ezTalks Meetings

In the business webinar software comparison, this webinar software is at the top of our list. This is the best webinar tool that can help the businesses to arrange their online meetings by providing them an unmatched video conferencing experience no other webinar tool could provide. This webinar software gives you an opportunity to meet the people over your system with the HD video and audio.

Meeting Burner

This is one of the best and commonly used free webinar tools that is available for your business. Operating this webinar tool is effortless. You can create a free account over it, and you are ready to meet your colleagues sitting far away from you.

TokBox Video Chat

If you need to have the best webinar software free of cost for your business, this would probably be the best option for you. TokBox Video Chat is a webinar tool that can allow you to have more than 15 participants at a time over the video conference where you can have your important business meeting.


You must have heard about the Freebinar, AnyMeeting is the new name and latest version of this excellent webinar tool. AnyMeeting provides you the best webinar services that you required to conduct your day to day business operations. This is a free webinar software appropriate for the business use. It gives you the option to record the session and follow up later. Isn’t it a great feature…!!!!!!