Run For Grasp






What is Run For GRASP you ask?
Well, I am running across the harshest and unforgiving deserts around the world to raise money and awareness for the Global Regional Asperger’s Syndrome Partnership or simply, GRASP.

What is your next run?
My next run is the Gobi March, a 250-kilometer (155-mile) staged foot race that takes place in the Gobi Desert in northwestern China. Competitors are unsupported, meaning they have to carry everything they need while they run across a wide variety of terrains including dirt tracks, sand dunes, dry river beds, hills, villages and more.

My son Ryan was clinically diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) when he was 4 years old. While there are many charities for finding a cure there was a serious need to help teens and adults who have AS. Many diagnosed with AS have difficulty in social situations and fitting in. This problem can be magnified in middle and high school when teens can bully and target peers with AS. GRASP has been there for my family, now its time to give back! All funds raised go directly to GRASP.

My promise is to give it my all out there and EARN EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR OF EVERY DONATION!

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"Never give up!"